Is it a myth or is it the truth?
Here’s our attempt to put logic in household security myths and tell people what the truth really is – invest in home security solutions!

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"Having a dog is good enough.
He can take care of my house."

While pets can make great friends and they
might be loyal too but having them to guard
your house is a big no-no.

One night, two masked robbers plan to break into Mr. Sharma's house.
The Dog is Awake.
remove the
chloroform bottle... quick!
This is going
to be fun!
The robbers distract Bruno by throwing biscuits at him
Here we go...
No, Bruno...don't eat that...
you are a pro,
let's get in
That was easy!
quick, let's not
waste time...
good job, buddy.
let's meet at home
and share the loot.

Having a dog at home is good, but having them to safeguard your home is probably not the best idea!
Yes, it is time to break this myth.
Instead get a 24X7 home security solution that you can rely on. See what happens with Godrej Eagle-I Pro at home.

Watch now
this was
so easy!
unknown to the robbers,
the godrej eagle-i pro
gets activated
the home alarm system's siren gets activated
Oh Damn! what
just happened...
what did you do?
meanwhile, the system sends an alert message to stored contacts
the robbers are caught red-handed
look we have some special guests!
Bruno sensed that the robbers would need the first aid kit very soon ;) #smartdog
You will need this soon...
Remember I told you once...
every dog has its day!
Boohoo...looks like today is ours!

Make dogs your best friend.
Do not use them to guard your house.

Be smart, invest in Godrej Security Solutions. To know more about our products, visit