Is it a myth or is it the truth?
Here’s our attempt to put logic in household security myths and tell people what the truth really is – invest in home security solutions!

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"My neighbours are trustworthy. Whenever I go out I am confident that they will keep a watch on my doorstep."

People usually are under the false impression that they can solely depend on their friendly neighbour to keep an eye on their doorstep while they are out at work or travelling.

Yeah! don't
worry, enjoy
Keep a
Unknown to the Sharmas, someone else is
also keeping a close watch on their home.
It takes just one
quick change to
become a courier man...
Meanwhile at the neighbours
your courier.
Please sign.
...While I go visiting
the Sharmas.
Too bad I can't carry the
paintings and furniture.
They would have fetched
a good price.
These homeowners never
fail to surprise me. So
much jewellery and not a
locker or safe in sight.
But why would I
complain?! In you go
my lovelies!
Let's go,
The car is
parked at the

Just like the Sharmas, a lot of people believe that having trustworthy neighbours are enough to secure your home.
Why rely on others when you can get home a 24x7 home security solution!

You have seen the myth, now watch what's logical to do.

Watch the logic
Back at the Sharmas, the burglar
wrestles open the cupboard.
The crowbar is not working.
Even a hammer won't open the safe.
An alarm starts ringing and an alert is sent to
Mr. Sharma and his neighbour.
My safe is being burgled
with! I am on holiday. I
get an alert on my cell
when my safe...
...Ah. Yes when it is
tampered with. your
neighbour called
Yes I have
set multiple number
This could be our
What the..?!

The Sharmas had a great vacation. Thanks to the home security solution that they had smartly invested in.

It's time we break these household myths and start investing in intelligent and smarter home security solutions - just like the Sharmas!

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